jed gjerek

Artist’s Statement

In my artwork I mostly deal with global issues as it is political, economical or ecological concerns and the contemporary (visual) noise we are surrounded with. I address it by the form I use but through aesthetic comes out concerns I spotted and I want to deal with.

As a final product I’m intended to make a work which is as caustic and chaotic as a contemporary environment with some tendency to find solutions on how to take step further and how to extend boundaries we face now.

Where I see solutions is an environment deprived of excessive noise but still full of contemporary marks. 

Jed Gjerek, ceramic art

Artist’s Bio

Born in Croatia, currently based in Ireland, Jed Gjerek is an internationally active artist, potter, ceramic maker and tutor with a very popular YouTube Channel.

Tutor in adult education in pottery and ceramic field.

Traditional pottery of north-west Croatia expert awarded by the Ministry of Culture Croatia as National Treasure.

Most recently he is focused in contemporary art practice with a more global approach in his art work.


Jed Gjerek artist


2021 Shop Window, Annual Clay Galway Show, artist, co curator and producer

2021 Ceramic Ireland Annual Members Exhibition, Dublin Castle, Ireland

2021 Ceramic Ireland Selected Exhibition, Raft Castle Dublin, Ireland

2021 Clay Galway Online Show 20/21, artist, co curator and co producer

2021 Clay Journeys for Galway 2020, artist, co curator and co producer.

2020 Ceramic Ireland, Annual Members Exhibition, Dublin Castle, Ireland

2019 Clay Galway Annual Members Exhibition, Tribeton Galway, Ireland

2017 Jugs, A unique exhibition of Irish Ceramics and Glass Jugs, McCambridge’s, Galway, Ireland


Selected Work

2021 No Name collection, ceramics

2019/2020 Inspired by Ireland, wide range of techniques, Ireland

2017/2014 Desperately Looking for a Spring, glazes playing, Croatia/Ireland
2016/2015 New effects ceramics research, open fire firing, Croatia
2015/2012 Restaurateurs and reconstruction work in ceramic, Varazdin City Museum, Croatia
2012 «69», black clay sculpting, Croatia
2012 «Redblack», black clay sculpting, Croatia
2012 «Between», applied art, Croatia
2012 «Mythology in traditional forms », applied art, Croatia

2017/2001. Traditional pottery of north-west Croatia
2002/2001 Jewelry made by clay and wire, Croatia