Jed Gjerek, ceramic art
Jed Gjerek, ceramic art
Jed Gjerek, ceramic art
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The Perfect Surrounding

Traditional and contemporary and how to surround it in our life is my preoccupation. What you can find here are pottery wheel thrown vases which fit in every home. Come on in and have a look…

Trite Yourself Well

Who doesn’t love to have portrait’s of loved ones. Or why not to have portrait of yourself? Be extraordinary and give me a shout…

Find Your Match

My YouTube Channel has 20+ videos how to do an extraordinary pottery wheel throwing and I know you will find them useful.

The Best Experience Ever

"Pottery wheel throwing is my love for 20 years now. Can't imagine life without clay and wheel."
Jed Gjerek, potter and ceramic artist
Jed Gjerek
Potter and Ceramic Artist

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